Thursday, July 31, 2014



 Room 4 have been learning about light .  One of the subjects are rainbows . Some people thought the windows were magnifying the sun light was causing a rainbow.  
Others thought it was the evaporating water magnifying the white light  which is made out of all the colours of the colour spectrum. So if you shine white light into a prism it will come out as a rainbow red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.        


Anzac Biscuits

On the week before it was Anzac Day , Room 4 made Anzac biscuits . Two parents came to help and we made 54 biscuits , they were delicious.
Everybody enjoyed them.
They took about  an hour or maybe less.
Anzac day is for remembering the people who went to World War1 and World war2.

Thanks Troops.

By Greta

Mohaka River Art

After we went to camp ,Room 4 created beautiful art with Mr Burns.
First we did the swivels and rocks.
We shaded the edges of the rock.
We outlined in vivid to make it stand out and we were finished!
It’s beautiful because there are lovely colours in the art.
Everybody enjoyed it and it’s a good display in the class.

By Greta

Mohaka River


After Room 4 had gone to camp we went drew a picture of the Mohaka River!  Unfortunately I joined
after they went to camp!Thankfully I still got to draw the Mohaka River! 
I think everyone enjoyed  it I know I enjoyed it lots!
 First up we did outline in pencil . Next we drew rocks and went over in vivid . The best part was doing the dye. You could use lots of colours. In pastel we did swirly lines.
To colour the rocks we used vivid ,it took ages!

 We have now displayed our artwork and it looks amazing!

                      IT WAS SUPER FUN!

BRING BACK CAMP, Block Tower , Light Inquiry by Raghu


Year 4/5 first Inquiry

 Mr Bremer said we can't have camp anymore but
 then we started to change his mind. Rooms 1, 4 and 5
had  to hold an meeting with Mr B to change his mind.

We made statements,paintings and we also signed
a petition then all of those things change his mind.


Tim,Zak and Riley they built this really big tower
that was two metres high it;s a really,really big
tower but after two more blocks boom!!!!! It tumbled down with a crash.


When Mrs Waldron came we started an linquiry about light.
We wanted to find something really special about light.
 We  did some experiments. 
We wrote questions about light and we visited the Faraday Centre to find the answers to our questions.
The inquiry was really fun and we enjoyed it.

Mountain Valley Camp

At Mountain Valley Camp you can go horse riding, rafting, pistol shooting, and archery. 
In the evening,we got to pair up with a buddy and then we had to build a cart out of a piece of cardboard ,two staw, four milk bottles ,cello tape and tooth pick.
We did all kinds of things  like the cook out. We went down to the river and made a fire so we could cook our dinner.
 We stayed for two days and we went on the 10th to the 12th of March
with Room 1
My fav thing was horse riding because I was in the front of the group.
It was scary and the horse was big and it kept stopping so then the teacher came and held the rein and walked with me then I was ok. 
I liked  spending time with my friends. Holly, Zoe, and Greta. 

By Ashley

school triathl

School Triathlon

School Triathlon!

Hi world, this is Meg reporting to you about our school triathlon. Lots of people were excited and nervous I remember how I felt. 
Everyone had to do the team race. Seven people in my class also did the individuals -Lexxie , Zak, Zoe, Tim, George, Bella and I did it. It was really exciting in the individuals as one person did swimming,biking and running .But in the teams one person did one part.
I enjoyed every thing .I did the biking for my team,Greta did the swimming and Lily did the running.
For the swimming it was like the pool was falling down behind them it was that fast. In the biking they were going so fast it was like the grass was going to burn. The runners were running like there was no tomorrow.Well that is all I've got for now.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shadow Puppets

We have working on shadow puppets, we are trying to find out how shadows work? 
We found out that the sun can not go round things so it make a shadow. We started making shadow puppets . We have to draw our puppets on a black piece of paper and then cut it out. For the next stage we got a piece of cardboard and  some baking paper and put it over cardboard.
Then we started drawing the puppets with white crayon.
Our group made up our own play and it turned out well.

We learned that opaque means light can not go through it.
The opposite is transparent. Light can go through it.
A shadow is caused when the light can't go through something.


Self Portrait - still life.

This was when we did some art called self portrait using still life. All of the pictures are still life, because It was about things that were mostly important to us and somethings we like doing. We did this art with Mrs Hodgekinson. It was based on work by a famous artist called Frances Hodgekins.

My self portrait was almost all the things I liked
Bunnys,horses and other kind of things. It was important to me because I went camping and somethings were members in my family. I had to overlap each picture for it to look awesome! I liked the colouring and drawing too!!


Optical illusions and Light

In Room Four we are learning about light and optical illusions. When you put something like a pencil in a glass jar the pencil looks bigger . When you look at a picture of patterns which go big on the out-side and small in the in-side it makes your eyes go fuzzy.  Sometimes if light is too strong it an melt things such as plastic and crayons
I also learnt that if you get a piece of paper and cut out a circle and cut little triangles of coloured paper and glue them on, when you spin it around it turn out to be white. These are called colour spectrum spinning tops.


Light inquiry


At school we're doing light inquiry . We have been to the Faraday Centre in Napier.

We did some cool tests . My favourite was the xray display. In hospital they take pictures of inside a body showing your bones using xray vision . I have never had an X-ray taken because luckily I have not broken any bones. It was interesting to see.

 By Hugh.

Mountain Valley Camp horse riding

At camp I was dead scared to go on a horse. But everyone was getting on a horse so I decided I would get on a old horse. Her name was Minnie. I got on and it was not so bad in fact it was fun.  It was still a bit bumpy.  Minnie is 37 years old.
She had long black hair, it was so smooth and it was a bit like follow the leader. It was delightful.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

spinning wheels

Spinning Wheels

Room 4 made incredible rainbow spinning wheels.
People were very good  at the rainbow spinning wheels  activity.
The colours kind of made  it stand out  quite  alot  because when they were  spinning  and spinning
the vivid  was like a round rainbow on top .
It was quite alot of fun making rainbow  spinning wheels and yes of course we 
needed to use the colour spectrum.


The Dance Festival

The Dance Festival

On a Wednesday early in the afternoon  we went to Hasting Intermediate.
Our theme was Star Wars. Lots of people liked it.  We came third.
I loved the Dance Group who  were doing the song Happy and they had letters on their back which said H A P P Y!
When I got in the car I  was singing the song Happy.
Our suits were all black - the girls had to wear leotards and tights, and the boys had to wear a top and long johns.

by: Chydelle.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Mrs Waldron Arriving

Wow I was so excited when I heard about Mrs Waldron
coming to teach our class.

I think everyone else was happy as well. Mrs Glenn said she likes doing experiments on light. They were really good fun.
When we are too loud she calls out Tahi, Rua, Toru and we say Pha.

When we get 3 ticks on the board we get 5 mins free time and when there's 3 crosses its 5 mins inside. Mrs Waldron gave us a group activity to make a shadow puppet and
perform a play.

I'm so sad to hear Mrs Waldron is going. 
My Favourite thing was going to Havelock North High. I liked the dancing.

By Holly

Mrs Glenn Going To Europe

5 Weeks ago Mrs Glenn left for Europe. Mrs Glenn spent a week in New Zealand getting ready to leave for Europe. On Thursday Mrs Glenn traveled to Auckland and stayed the night with her brother .

 She left her dog Skip at home with the house sitter who spoilt Skip and took him for walks.
First MG flew to HongKong for a night, then on to London for 5 nights.
MG spent 4 weeks in a camper van travelling through Germany, Holland, France and Italy.

Update:  We have just received a post card and she is currently in France. She says driving on the right side is FRIGHTENING!

I hope Mrs Glenn had a wonderful time and we look forward to seeing her soon.
By Teina

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Survival in the bush

Before Room 4 went to camp we learnt about survival in the bush. 

I brought a survival kit to school. This is what it had in it: a knife, rope, clip, instructions, wire, cotton, matches and a whistle.  That is what is in a survival kit.  It can save lives like yours.  

Now this is just a small kit.   You can get bigger kits which have hooks, line, tweezers, medicine, and solar powered torches all stuffed into a drink bottle.  I was so looking forward to camp!


Art Deco dress up day

In the first term we had a dress up day.  The theme was Art deco.  It was really cool seeing everyone in Art Deco clothes.  We looked like an olden day school.

In the afternoon a olden day classic car came to our school.  I think Mr Bremer wanted to take pictures with it.  I was right.  When our class had a turn I got to sit in the drivers seat.  It was awesome. It even had wooden wheels.

We had Art Deco day because we were remembering the 1931 earthquake, and all the people that died as a result.

By Tim

Havelock North Primary School Swimming Sports

On Tuesday all senior students went to the village pools for swimming sports and it was splendid.  The swimming sports day was on the third of Feb. It was sunny at the outdoor pools and everyone looked as though they were enjoying the sunshine.  

All the parents looked so happy when they saw their children racing and hoping they could win.  It looked like the parents were going to burst.  Or in other words explode!  

On the race day I was hoping I would win in freestyle, but I came third.  I really liked the swimming sports. How about you?  


Friday, July 25, 2014

Bible study

Every Tuesday Mrs Hooper comes and does bible study with us. We learn all about Jesus and God.  We also learn cool rhymes  and songs like 'Your word is a lamp for my feet and a light for my path.   We had to figure out what the words: your, word and lamp meant.
Quite a lot of times we have to remember something from last Tuesday and if you remembered correctly , then you can get a prize!  Last week we had to remember  Psalm 119 Verse 105. I remembered it and I picked out a green bouncy ball, and another time I picked out a green bookmark.
We each have a bible study book and all of our work is in there. 
We also crack codes and have learnt about the Mediterranean Sea, Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

One time we were talking about what other people had dropped in the soil a long time ago, so Mrs Hooper brought in a big container of different soil all layered. We learnt about archaelogy.

There was an old toothbrush and a small tub of water.  Two people could do it at a time  (one person for cleaning the thing that the other person digs out of the dirt and the other person for digging things out of the soil and handing it over to the cleaning person because it would have soil all over it.)  These are some of the things that were buried: a pink sheep rubber from smiggle, some old coins, a mini shovel, a cotton reel and a couple of other things.

Once we played ZONK and what you do is you split into two groups (normally boys versus girls.)
You also have about 20 Cards turned upside down and say that the boys go first one boy has to answer a question and if he gets it right then he goes and picks out a card and turns it over so he can see what is written on the other side. Sometimes it is a number, for example 10 or 50 or 100 or even 1000! That means that your team gets as many points that was on the card. That also means you can have another go!  But if you turn over a card and it says ZONK then you loose all of your points. So you do not want to get ZONK!!!!!  You also have about 15 minutes so when the time is up you count up the points and see what team won.
I love having Bible  Study and I look forward to every Tuesday!!!!

By Amber. 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Tough Guy Gal Challenge

The Tough Guy and Gal Challenge

The tough guy and girl challenge was so cool. It was by Clifton by the sea.
You had to dress up in wacky clothes and have paint splashed all over your face.Two girls from our class made posters in our school colours and took them to the event.
You had to crawl under big nets ,go through tubes with muddy grass all through it ,climb over walls and go through stinky muddy swamps but apart from that I just loved it !
The Tough  Guy and Girl Challenge was a competition that any school could compete in.
At the end they gave out really amazing prizes.
The thing I enjoyed the most is crawling through the tubes.


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tough Guy And Gal Challenge

The Tough Guy and Gal challenge was excellent! Well, even better than excellent, it was fabulous!
You had to dress up in school colours, for an example, I was wearing blue hair challk.
It was held at Clifton Station.
The course started at the gateway, through the barb wire, then we went through a big long tunnel along the beachfront.  Next you had to go through the long long huge muddy swamp till we finally at got to the end.

We got to choose the chicken course, which is when you had to go around the field and act like a chicken or the electric wire but it was not really electric. Wow that was a fun day. We had prize giving then we went home.

Thankyou for reading.  


Cultural expo

On Wednesday 25th June the senior school  went to Havelock.North.High.School for the cultural expo. First we watched a Maori dance.It was great.
Next we watched the school orchestra,there were lots of different instruments like trumpets,flutes,cello ,drums,violin and lots more.
Then we saw a group of senior girls doing a dance.Lights were flashing every where.It was AMAZING! The music was very,very loud.
There was a rock band was very interesting,(it also was one of the boys birthday in the band)
The jazz group was not so loud so it was easier to listen to.
My favourite was the senior girls because they had amazing costumes.

By Ruby

Fun Food Friday

When we went to camp we had to have a fundraiser.Our class had a Fun Food Friday,The things we had to make were chocolate muffins,sausage rolls,apples.We couldn't make the sausage rolls because there were too many orders so we asked a bakery to make them.
We made our own muffins and some people had orchards so they could bring some apples.
We raised about  a thousand dollars , and camp was awesome so it was worth it!
Room 4 did all the counting of the money and sorting the orders.Every morning the floor in Room 4
was covered in money!
By Tim