Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Winter sports " inspired by Patricia Grace.

We are learning to use an author's piece of writing to create our own paragraph about
playing hard, but we are not allowed to use those words!

Every Saturday morning in the winter term I go to different places to play netball. Sometimes it's so cold I can't feel my feet...........

Middle Assembly Presentation Wednesday 12th

Some Room 4 people presented their reading project about tunnels and bridges at our team assembly.
In our presentation we had to find out the history of bridges and tunnels, become an "expert" on one particular construction then present our findings in a power point or written form.
We did a lot of Googling!!
Our presenters did a really good job talking at the assembly.

Cooking with Caroline

Last week we had 2 sessions with our own master chef.
Caroline has spent 7 weeks taking everyone in Room 4 through a cooking process.
We have learnt how to grate carrots , chop onions, use a stove safely and create delicious lunches for our class.
We made Hawaiian rice and stuffed sausages.
Thank you Caroline - we have had such fun.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Tuesday 11 June.

Last Omni Gym day.
You could see how much we had improved. The box got higher, the rolls got more complicated, we can do straddle jumps on various apparatus.
We worked hard for an hour . By the time we got back to school we were starving.
Room 4 says a big thanks to the Mums and Dads who transported us each week.
We had great fun.

Wet days cold mornings

We make huge towers and buildings using the maths blocks.
We love sending them crashing to the floor !