Wednesday, February 29, 2012


FEBRUARY 22-24 th

We struck 3 warm days but spent Wednesday walking and sliding in the rain.
Thursday was river day and we had a fantastic tubing experience. We were able to drive to Weka Point  instead of walking up the river as the track was overgrown and non-existent in places. We found a suitable spot to practice our tubing technique , especially how to get out of the tube when we needed to.
Friday was Flying Kiwi with Al Bramley. The students loved it.
It was such a warm day we had a quick swim before lunch.

Fun Food Friday

Room 10 enjoying a Royal Gala

We had a very successful F.F.F. and we managed to raise over $900.00.
We sold sausage rolls, chocolate muffins and apples.
The children helped sort the money,the apples and bag the muffins. We were thrilled with our efforts.