Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The HNHS Cultural Expo

Cultural expo

Hi world,
Havelock High School invited us to go and watch their cultural expo. 
There were many presentations like the haka, drums, dancing, rock bands and jazz bands.
The haka was scary and interesting.
The dancing was very talented and they had lots of makeup on....maybe too much. 
The drama was very funny and slow.
The rock band was very loud and fast.
Thee jazz bands were cool ,loud and awesome. I thought the cultural expo was cool and I was glad I could go.
By Lexxie

Friday, August 8, 2014

Room4 Light Inquiry

   Last term we went to the Faraday centre. There was lots to learn about.
 There was a room called the dark sea cave, it was dark but there was a light just above the door. It made white clothes glow. The colour was called ultra violet. 
It was my favourite.
There also was a mirror shaped as a prism you had to count your self. There were too many so I stopped. 


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Self Portrait

                                    Self portrait

                                           still  life

Earlier this year we did a still life self portrait with Mrs Hodgkinson. A self portrait is a lovely piece of art which is designed to  describe your personalities . It is good because everyones  was completely different. For example some people put Mc Donalds or KFC ,or even some people put their  initials to show it was theirs. It was great fun ! Even mine turned out ok. In my self portrait I included ice cream, candy floss, cats, embossing, books and alsorts.My favourite one was the book because one of my favourite subjects is reading . I was proud of mine and everyone else's  too.

We have also done lots of other lovely art to like the pacific flower art or Mohawka River

art which you can see when you scroll down .

          THANK YOU