Thursday, September 19, 2013

Painting our Shoes

Today was a big day for painting our shoes.
Room 4 looked a bit like a rubbish dump but everyone was busy creating.
Completion is approaching. Yeah.


On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday we have been doing tiles for the 150th Jubilee for HNPS. First we had to copy our design onto transferring paper which was on top of the tile. Then we had to choose some colours . There were light green, sky blue, purple, white and black. If we needed other colours we had to mix them up.
After we finish the painting, they get put it in the kiln which is 3 times hotter then your normal oven.
Luke's tile was a running figure playing soccer, and Fergus did his of Ormond Cabin - Omatua.
By Luke and Fergus.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mona willams

Today Mona  Williams came to our school and told us 2 stories.One was about her brother and called Old  medicine  and the other was called The  Black Rugby Shorts
She writes stories for school journals,books and books for children.
I liked how she used actions and different voices.
She she taught us a song called Peas Porridge and the House that Jack Built. 
She made us laugh.
Molly , Jakob.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Victoria calendar art

Klaudia calendar art

Polly calendar art

Rachel calendar art

Evie - calendar art

Tom - calendar art

Brianna - calendar art

Henrietta - calendar art

Fraser -calendar art

Samuel Calendar art

Coltyn - calendar art

Harriet M - calendar art

Jessica calendar art

Annabel -calendar art

Llewelyn calendar art

Ian calendar art

Molly the Lamb comes to school !!!!!!!

Henry masters calendar art

Bens calendar art

Ben Morison calendar art

Jakob tovey calendar art

Aidan Wilkins calendar art

Mili kitiona calendar art

Kate metcalfe calendar art

Luke Winter calendar art

Harriet White calendar art

Molly Henley calendar art