Thursday, May 30, 2013

Omni Gym

We had our first session at Omni Gym today.
We had kind parents to drive us over to Napier.
We had so much fun on the trampoline, the beam, skipping, doing forward and backward rolls and vaulting over the box.
Polly, Henrietta,Evie.

Healthy snacks

This week we read a Go Zone magazine called Healthy food.... healthy me.
When MG was working with the Middle Team teachers planning - Mrs Watson organised us to make healthy snacks.
Stab,pop,chop , spread . Looking round the room we noticed everyone was busy.
We made mini kebabs, plain popcorn vegetables with dip and crowded canoes with celery.
Mmmmmmm what a yummy day we had.
Mili, Klaudia and Molly

Flying High

This week we made paper planes and measured the distance they flew. We worked in a group of three and had to find out which plane flew the longest distance.
Colton' s best flight was 5 metres,Luke's was 10 1/4 , Ian's was 6 1/2 and Harry's was 4 and a bit metres. Our planes went very well.
Luke, Ian, Harry and Coltyn

Friday, May 24, 2013

Autumn Art Friday 24 May

Today we created awesome art works using dye, crayons and several techniques.
We had to collect leaves,dye our paper in warm colours, make trees out of newsprint and learn about frottage ( crayon rubbing ).
We will show you our completed pieces next week and include some writing.

Cooking again - Group 43 Thursday 23 May

Room 4 is so lucky to have Caroline cooking with us.
This week we made delicious sausage rolls- much better than bought ones.
It was a bit challenging chopping up the onions but we didnt cry too much.
The sausage rolls were just the thing for a cold day.
MG and Tim


We all made bridges in groups of three using maths objects and newspaper. The strongest was made out of newspaper rolled up and had two layers and it held two pencils, a glue stick, a stapler, a gun stapler, scissors, pencil sharpener, toy car and a water bottle and was 78cm and 780mm. Some of the bridges didn't compete because they weren't big enough or they fell apart. The one that came second was made out of one hundred centre metre square blocks and newspaper and beads and two abbacies and a cardboard peace and one ice block stick it held a water bottle,a car,two pencils, a stapler and a gun stapler.
By Annabel, Hattie and Kate

Friday, May 17, 2013

Running in the Fog

Every Friday after assembly, Room 4 goes for a run. We have a special track through the school grounds. Today we were running through the fog. Everything was damp - the grass, the trees ,the concrete and the track.
We have had to change our track recently as the council have been extending the Community Centre car park.
It feels good to run after having to sit still and listen during assembly.
Room 4

Friday, May 10, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tape measures all around

2 cm or 127 cm ? We were using tape measures( not rulers!!!!) to see the difference. We measured objects around the classroom.
We measured whiteboards, body parts,computers, desks and even Mr R!!!! We learnt that tape measures are bigger, better and much more flexible than our rigid old rulers. Tape measures have inches, millimetres, centimetres and metres when school rulers only have centimetres and millimetres. So it was clear that tape measures are best!!

Tom and Hattie.