Friday, August 23, 2013

Klaudia's special guest

Klaudia's brought a special guest .
We wondered what it was. First we heard a squawk!
Then we saw something move and we realised it was a bird!
Klaudia showed us her rainbow lorikeets and told us all about her bird.

She said "The breed of rainbow lorikeet is mostly native to Australia but these ones were born in the North and South Island of NewZealand .

"We have two Rainbow lorikeets .The one I've brought is called Zazu and the other one's called Shorty. These birds have a sharp point on the tip of their beak so that they can get food that gets stuck between your teeth'', said Klaudia.
The bird licked her lips.

We enjoyed hearing about the lorikeets especially as we had just read a journal story about one called Popeye.
Thank you Klaudia.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

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Friday, August 16, 2013

Letter to D.O.C by Samuel, Aidan, Victoria, Henry, Rachel, and Jessica

Our group The Cheetahs, read a story called " OurTreasure Island " about an island right down the bottom of the South Island close to Stewart Island.

We wondered why there were no Kiwis on Codfish Island, so we decided to write to the Department of Conservation in Dunedin.

We found out that Codfish Island is not a suitable place for kiwis , because when scientists studied the soil and insects, they found out that it was not right for them.they would not breed well.

We enjoyed learning about Codfish Island.

Polly's lamb came to school

This term Polly's lamb came to school. It likes to follow Polly around everywhere. Polly feed's her lamb every day. They got the lamb by rounding up the sheep and the lamb started to follow Polly.

We left it in the paddock and then I saw a lamb lying down in the blackberry and so dad went down and got it but it was just a plastic bag. I saw another lamb eating grass and so we put that one back to its mother .
As my sister Daisy was walking back along the fence line, she saw something lying down in the prickles and that was the lamb that followed me around everywhere so we bought it back to the house . The next day we put her in the pen for the day with the ewes.
When we came back and the lamb was still there , dad said that it could be our pet. We called it Amy. I bought it to school and here it is on the blog.

Polly and Annabel